Masterplan for a New District in Granada, Spain

This project establishes a number of strategies aiming at the generation of the kind miscellany of forms and functions to which the late capitalist city is unremittingly headed. It is conceived of as a sort of guide for architects and users; a sequence of behaviors, each of which is framed within an adaptive field of probabilities and tests driven by certain intentional economies. It explores the balance between existing conditions and the cultivation of new parts of the city. It proposes a game with certain rules and infinite possibilities. It introduces a mechanism for negotiation that mixes factors of a very diverse nature: productive land and urban environment of a variable density; industry and leisure, domestic and working spaces. As a result, the new urban forms are incubated out of the combination of landscape, programs, multi-types and communities.

Thought of as a “project of projects,” it leaves open ways to be explored; it generates a seedbed of ideas for a hypothetical future town planning.


Location: Granada, Spain

Type: Masterplan for a New District

Scale: 600.000 m2 (6.5M SF)

Status: Research & Proposal

Team: José Aragüez