Traveling Pavilion (design to be revealed soon)

From the outside, one will be able to see and hear what’s happening inside; from the inside one will have a permanent—if nuanced—relationship to the surroundings and the sky. The pavilion's shape will easily become an imprint in anyone’s imaginary regardless of background, race, or culture. It will also attractively resonate with the different settings in which it will be erected—from urban locations to natural landscapes, from exterior to interior public spaces—while maintaining a clearly identifiable iconicity.

Emphatically, the pavilion erases the boundaries between otherwise opposite features: very easy to assemble and take down and yet nicely crafted; temporary and yet appealing to timelessness; enclosed and yet porous. Further, it embodies the notion that similarities and differences can productively bond to yield unity.


Location: Multiple

Type: Traveling Pavilion

Scale: 20,44 m2 (220 SF)

Status: Ongoing (design to be revealed soon)

Team: José Aragüez, Ivy Hume, Lihan Jin