Masterplan & Housing in Selb, Germany

This is a masterplan design where the residential program moves away from the idea of typology. Instead, eighteen units conceived as bespoke programmatic packages act as "urban bricks" embodying diverse gradients of the following variables: fluidity/compartmentalization, compactness/dispersion, independent/linked storage, home/homeoffice, energetic isotropy/anisotropy, and definition/indetermination.

This essential definition of a dwelling allows for maximum customization and adaptability when facing an extreme variety of lifestyles and changes in use. The public programs themselves are derived as the result of adding up and mutating those same urban bricks, now grouped together inside a common envelope.


Location: Selb, Germany

Type: Masterplan & Housing

Scale: 500.000 m2 (5.4M SF)

Status: Open Competition, 2011

Team: José Aragüez, Marcela Aragüez