Library in Copenhagen, Denmark

While some might argue that the library is becoming an obsolete building typology with the proliferation of remotely accessible data and information, the function of the library has not become obsolete at all. Libraries are still about discovery, learning, and creating a connection to the cultural community, both past and present. Only our methods to that end have changed. In this proposal there is importance given to the spatial configurations of the building in allowing for such connections. Opportunities for remoteness and quiet reflection as well as connection and immersion are equally important. The matrix of silos generates two distinct floor slab levels. One, an open floor plan for large community activities and events, and two, a sequence of intimate ‘hygge’ spaces for smaller groups and quiet work. The building aims to integrate both types of spaces in a new spatially complex manner, creating moments for follies and chance discoveries. The materiality of the two different silo spaces respond to 1.) the surrounding historical buildings of the site and 2.) the adjacent expansive harbor and sky.


Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Type: Library

Scale: 1.760 m2 (18,945 SF)

Status: Ideas Competition, 2014

Team: José Aragüez, Kayla Manning